Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My New Blog, 2010 - ?

Originally posted 4-18-2010

I've started a new blog. This will be the last post to this blog. My new blog is located HERE

As of 7-16-2013, I've consolidated 2 older blogs into 1. I had to find old pictures again and reload them. I had been using photobucket.com, but I started to have problems with bandwidth use. Everything should be OK now.....

End of the Year 2009.

The winter season is here now. There will be no more riding until spring. The bikes have all been put away. I found a web site that lets you make a map of the states you've visited. Here's mine. I hope to add a few more states next year.

Home 9-28-09

Sunday was a cold and windy day. I didn't even take any pictures. John and I rode around the hills and eventually Ended up meeting Terresah at Millstone restaurant in Rapid City. We got back to the motel early.

Monday, the day we head for home, started out with a cold morning. The temp at breakfast was 43 degrees. After breakfast, we pulled out of the motel parking lot at 0813. We stopped 2 hours and 165 miles later in Murdo for gas. We also stopped in Mitchell, then again in Windom. The entire trip home we had a stiff side/tail wind. I don't think it got above 60 degrees the whole way home.

I made it home at 1801 hours, 9 hours 48 minutes, 637 miles, with 3 fuel stops and lunch.
1796 miles for the trip.
I want to go back again!

Return to SD, Day 3, 9-26-09

After loosing $8.00 to the casino in Deadwood, I didn't feel like going back to give them more money today. So, we spent most of the day riding. From Sturgis, we took off north on 79 to a little black top road, 168.
After that, we went to Belle Fourche and stopped at Wyatt's Hideaway Campground. We sat on the porch and talked to Kent, the owner, for a while. We left there and took 85 to Spearfish, and down Spearfish Canyon. There was more traffic in the canyon, than anywhere else we've been so far.
I got a few pics from in the canyon. Bridal Viel Falls.

More from Spearfish Canyon.

After the canyon, we went up to Deadwood and checked out a few places. We stopped at the largest model rialroad set-ups I've ever seen. You can deposit 50 cents in a coin slot and the trains run for close to 5 minutes. It was pretty cool.
From Deadwood, we took 85 to Crook City Road, into Whitewood, and then the frontage road to Sturgis. We took a nice quick run up and down the first ten miles of Vanocker Canyon Road. About a 200 mile day.

Return to SD, Day 2, 9-25-09

Today, We set out on a quest to find penny mashers. We checked pennycollector.com and made a list. First stop was Cabela's, their penny masher was out of order. Next up , Dinosaur Park. John mashed a few, and I got some pictures of concrete dinosaurs.

From there we went south on Sky Line Drive, to 16. Next we headed for Hermosa to catch 36 west into Custer State Park, then up Iron Mountain Road, 16A.

16A is an awesome road. Signs like this are all over the place.

Mt. Rushmore in the distance.

Pig tail bridges.

After 16A, we ended up in Keystone. Found a few more penny mashers. We took 323 across to Hill City. We had lunch at Rico's, I had a carnitas burito, covered in green sauce, with rice and beans..mmmmm...
After lunch we walked around Hill City before heading up 385 to Deadwood, then 14 to Sturgis. We got a room at the Best Western Sturgis Inn. We'll stay here until monday, a.m.
Here's a few pics of John's mashed penny collection from this trip.

Tonight we're going to Deadwood for a while.

Back to S.D., Again! 9-24-09

I left home 0715 and met John at I-35 and 19 a little after 0800. John had to stop in Mankato and drop off some parts he had engraved for a company. We continued down 169 to 60 to 90. Lunch in Laverne, MN. Dinner in Murdo, where John found a penny masher. I think that will be the theme of this trip. Find all the local penny mashers and add to his collection. We made it to Rapid City and ended up at a motel. It got too cold and dark to continue to Deadwood.

Getting Ready to go Again!

Originally posted.... 9-22-09 John and I are going on another road trip to the Black Hills. This time, John will be on his FJR and I'll ride my ZX-14. We are leaving Thursday the 24th and wil be home on the 28th, Monday night. Weather.com says beautiful weather for the entire trip. Temps should be in the upper 60's to the mid 70's for the weekend.
I've cleaned the bike, changed the oil, adjusted and lubed the chain. I now have 4562 miles on the ZX-14. Waiting for Thursday!!!!

Drive Home, 8/7/09

Not much to tell. Got up drove home. 90-60-169-19-86-47-61-10-35 home.

Starting mileage 1204
ending milage 4000

2786 miles of good times and fun

Lyle, we missed you.

Sturgis Day 10, 8/6/09

It rained overnight so things were still a little damp as we packed up. John had a business opportunity at home, so we decided to not stay the extra week and tour Montana and Wyoming. We headed to Gabi's. John and I decided to try our hand at shooting prairie dogs. We used Lee's .22 and a folding lawn chair as a kind of bipod. I got a 1 in a million hit on one. We paced it out at 200 yards with a stiff cross breeze. It was a head shot. I could probably never make that shot again. John and I got 11 or 12 that day. We took Gabi out for dinner at the Golden Corral. After dinner, we all rode in Gabi's SUV to Sturgis. I got a few downtown Sturgis shots but can't post most them on the blog.

Sturgis Day 9, 8/5/09

Another morning at the laundromat. John and I took a loop north from Belle Fourche. We went up 85 and stopped at a neat little store near Crow Buttes. The store reminded me of Chang's Market from the movie Tremors.

We went east on 20, through a small section of Custer National Forrest.

We took 79 back south to 212 to Belle Fourche.

The grasshoppers were looking to catch a ride.

One of the many decommissioned Minuteman missle silos in the area.

Sturgis Day 8, 8/4/09

John, Garth and I went to Gabi's for breakfast, then headed to Ellsworth AFB for the Thunder Run. We were a little too late to get the bikes in line for the photo op in front of a B1, and to see the fire/rescue trucks and the bomb disposal robot, but I got a few pics.

On this year's Thunder Run we got to ride out onto the runway then head through the base and out onto the highway. This ride like all the others, ended in Sturgis. The Air Force arranged a B1 Fly over of Main street. We couldn't hear it coming, but it was loud going away from us. Very Cool! After the ride, John nabbed a large banner from the refreshment tent and took it directly across the parking lot to the Post Office and mailed it home. Gabi stayed behind in Sturgis with some friends, they were going to a concert later that night. John, Garth and I went to Rapid City to pick up Terresah. We went to dinner at Millstone. After dinner we rode to Terresah's and sat and visited with her neighbor, Joe and his wife. A nice heavy rain passed over us and cooled off the temps. We didn't get back to Wyatt's Hideaway until midnight.

Sturgis Day 7, 8/3/09

After breakfast, John and I stopped at the car wash in Belle Fourche and cleaned up the bikes. From there we went out 34 and stopped at Devils Tower. I got the required pictures.

After Devils Tower, we went to Moorcroft, then down 16 to Newcastle. In Newcastle we stopped a a little hole in the wall bar, Perkins Tavern, and had lunch. We spent a little time walking through an antique store too. From Newcastle we took 85 to Spearfish then up to Belle Fourche. A nice 210 mile day.

Sturgis Day 6, 8/2/09

Started out by going for breakfast at the Belle Inn with Garth, John and Larrie. After breakfast I stopped off at the laundromat to wash my clothes. Larrie, Julie, Scott, Sarah and Garth took a loop from Belle Fourche to Newcastle, then Custer, up 385 to camp. John and I picked up Terresah at Rapid City, then we took some new back roads to Keystone, Hill City, Nemo and back to Rapid City. We stopped at Sanfords for dinner. Terresah took most of the pictures that day. I have only one. Lake Pactola reservoir, Me on the left, John on the right.

Same place in 2007, water has come up a bit.

Sturgis Day 5, 8/1/09

Garth, John and I met Gabi at the VFW in Sturgis for breakfast. From there we took Vanocker Canyon to Johnson Siding, 385, Sheridan Lake Rd, to 44 into Rapid City. We stopped at Gabi's for Pizza. Then back to camp.
The only picture from that day, at the VFW.

Sturgis Day 4, 7/31/09

Another 43 degree morning! Garth, John and I had breakfast at the Belle Inn, then back to camp to plan a ride. We did Rapid City, Hill City, Lead, and Spearfish Canyon. We stopped at Subway for diner and Walmart for supplies. Garth lost his helmet on the way to Belle Fourche from BC and picked up a new one at Walmart. I got some lounge pants and a sweatshirt to sleep in at Pamida.
The run up Spearfish Canyon was great. We followed a U.S. Forrest Service truck up the canyon at well over the 35MPH posted speed. I'm glad we could get that run in. Every time we rode the canyon after that, we'd get stuck behind riders that had never seen a curve before and they'd slow to 10 MPH under the posted :(

Garth at his tent..

Downtown Hill City...

Larry, Julie, Scott and Sarah arrived at the campground and got all set up while we were out riding.

Sturgis Day 3, 7/30/09 - No Lyle

Woke up to a 43 degree morning! My sleeping bag was a little light for that weather. It stayed cool all morning. We didn't get much riding in that day. We did get to downtown Sturgis and picked up the usual T-shirts and patches. We ended up back at the campground and waited for Garth to arrive.
Wyatt's Hideaway... before the start of the rally.

While we waited, John took a nap in his chair with a new found friend.

Once Garth got there, he told us that Lyle wouldn't be making the trip this year. Lyle had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Sturgis Day 2, 7/29/09

We woke up to rain.... and not a light rain....

We didn't leave the Warrior Inn untill 1130. We stopped for gas at the Cowboy Corner in Interior, SD. We rode in an off and on rain and a strong quartering head wind all the way to Rapid City, SD.

That's a view of the Badlands, across the street from the gas station.
About the time we got to Sturgis we got a very heavy rain and the temp dropped fast. When we got to Wyatt's Hideaway in Belle Fourche, it had quit raining. We managed to put our tents up and get unpacked in dry weather..... Then it rained... and got COLD.

Sturgis Day 1, 07/28/09

I'm on the road again for my 11th Sturgis Rally! I left the driveway at 0716 with 1204 miles on my '09 ZX-14.

I had to hustle to meet John at the Big Steer Truck Stop by 0800.
We cut across Minnesota, and while we were on Hwy 30, we stopped in Currie, MN to see the End of the Line railroad museum. They have a nice collection of local railroad memorabilia and rolling stock. They were busy painting and cleaning when we stopped in.

After the museum, we stopped at the Subway in Pipestone, MN for lunch. We ended up in Winner, SD for the night.

July 09, Prep for Sturgis

In July I was busy getting the ZX-14 ready for the 11th annual trip to Sturgis. I changed a few things on the ZX to make it a little easier to ride the 600+ miles a day we'll do on the trip out and back. I installed a Kawasaki center stand kit. A set of Genmar bar risers. I bought a nearly new seat from a C-14, Kawasaki's touring version of the ZX-14. I found the seat for sale on a C-14 forum. It slips right into place after swapping out 2 bits of hardware from my ZX-14 seat. I also installed a Zero Gravity Sport-Touring windshield, a Throttlemeister throttle lock, and wired up a 12 volt outlet to power XM radio.
At 750 miles I did the first oil change. At just 1200 miles I swapped out the stock tires for a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires. The tires have a 2 compound tread. Firmer, longer wearing tread in the center of the tire, and a softer, stickier tread compound on the sides. The original tires had already formed a flat spot in the center. I'd read on forums that people had been getting only 2-3000 miles out of a set of factory tires. I plan to put nearly 3000 on this trip.

Cyclehill Tire Changer 8-23-09

After I got back from SFO, I looked at the tires on my FJR and decided they should be replaced. I thought that if some shop could train a high school aged kid to change my tires, then I should be able to do it too. I found a tire changer that I thought would suit my needs. I talked to John and we decided to go halfs on it. I ordered a complete set up and it arrived 3 days later.

The way I figure it, if I change 3 sets of tires on my bikes then I've paid for my half of the changer. The last time I took off the wheels and brought them in to have tires mounted on them, it was close to $90.00 for the pair. Plus, I can save even more money by buying tires off the internet, rather than a shop. I can save an additional $20.00 to $50.00 on EACH tire! I bought a set of Dunlop Roadsmarts for the FJR from swmototires.com, they them shipped for free, total price $270.90 and delivered in 3 days too!